We bought our first hydraulic fusion machine in 1998, the Tracstar 500 from McElroy. Then it was the first Tracstar on mainland Europe.

The Tracstar is a self-containing, self-propelling, diesel-powering, compact jaw, all-terrain fusion machine for perfect fusion joints in even the most difficult field conditions. And with one operator! So its make fusions in the field easier and more cost effective. The fusion machine easily treks through sand, mud, loose soil, snow, as well as grades up to 30%.

After a very successfull introduction we bought a Tracstar 900. Nowadays we are capable of jointing polyethylene pipes sized between 63 mm and 900 mm. Our operator as well as the machines are both certificated by RTD .

Animation of Butt Fusion

Contact us for more information: info@plaisier.nl or 0031-227 501555


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